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Founded in 1985, Industrial Computer Source manufactures and stocks PC based 486, Pentium®, Pentium® II Motherboards, Pentium® Pro, and Alpha based computer systems, data acquisition, communication, networking, and computer telephony products. These product families are targeted for the industrial, scientific and telecommunications marketplace. Industrial Computer Source manufactures and sells PC- based products to the universe of engineers, scientists and other technical users.  .. more

Specializing in....

  • Industrial Rackmount Computers
  • Single Board Computers
  • Rack Mount Enclosures
  • Rugged Industrial Chassis
  • PCI & ISA Chassis
  • Pentium® Pro ATX & Pentium® ATX Motherboards
  • Telephony Products
  • Data Acquisition & Input-Output Cards
  • Telecommunications & Networking Products
  • Analog to Digital, Digital to Analog Products
Highest Brand Recognition Wehn Selling Ruggedized PC's!
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