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Industrial Computer Source provides the broadest available offering of industrial computer chassis. While the standard product line is sufficient for most applications, there are occasions where an application will require modifications to a standard product. These modifications can range from a specific paint to match your existing equipment, custom logos, electrical-mechanical changes, or a completely custom chassis, designed from scratch to meet very specific environmental or performance criteria. The quantity can be from tens of units to production runs of hundreds or thousands. Industrial Computer Source is currently providing these services to a variety of customers; commercial, industrial and military. On time! Within budget!


A customer always has the choice to integrate the system in-house, subcontract to a third party, or purchase a custom chassis built to specification.

Doing it yourself has a certain appeal. You can plan as you go, last minute changes are easily incorporated, it is apparently inexpensive. But is the result what you expected?

Careful examination of the task will generally show it is better to purchase a chassis built to your specifications. Parts are manufactured using computer controlled equipment for consistent quality. The second chassis will be identical in all regards to the first, and the 100th will be identical to the second. If changes are required, they are quickly implemented in CAD. Industrial Computer Source is experienced in manufacturing and our customer list reflects this experience. Call with your requirements for a quotation.


A new computer is useless without all the required peripherals; rack mount, power systems, environmental support, user interface, etc., which you need to specify, purchase, and/or build. A typical rack system can involve up to 20 or 30 suppliers. Do you have the time to locate and work with many different sources? What happens to your schedule when one supplier sends you the wrong part?

Our can work with you to determine how to build your system from the ground up.

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